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  • Gary Brant

Spring Clean Your Security with GPB Locksmiths

Even though we’ve all been ‘staying home’ as much as we can in 2020 and the first half of 2021, there’s bound to be times when we’ve forgotten our keys, locked ourselves out or a lock has failed. Now that we’re starting the phased return back to work and into our social lives, there are more opportunities for us to lose our keys, become distracted and lock ourselves and no one inside to let us back in! If this happens, you can of course call GPB Locksmith for some help, but we’ve put together some tips on spring cleaning your security to help you stay in check.

Keep a Spare

Many people choose to use a key safe on the exterior of their properties to store a spare key in case they become locked out, but this can become a target for thieves. Instead, we recommend leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbour or relative, which is a much safer option.

Don’t Put Them All Together

Keeping all your keys together in one place at home might seem like the most convenient option but if someone was to gain access to your property unlawfully, they would then be able to access cars, outbuildings and any other structure that you had a key for. Instead, you’re better off storing them dotted around the house, or better yet in a locked cupboard or safe.

Replace Old Locks

Owning a property comes with many maintenance jobs and while installations like carpets, appliances and furnishings get replaced semi-regularly, locks on windows and doors don’t get the same attention. Many people even inherit them from previous owners, sometimes with multiple occupants having been in the house before they get replaced. While keys are handed over, it’s always a good idea to replace old locks to improve security.



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