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  • Gary Brant

Protect Your Building with These 2 Tips

When you need to call upon our services, we are poised to provide you with a high-quality locksmith in Northampton or any of the other areas we are so familiar with. Since the highest point of concern when anything goes awry with locks (and keys) is the safety and security of the goods and valuable inside the building, we can advise you of how to protect your property.

Stay Secure

If you are concerned about protecting your building from intruders, you might be surprised to know you can actually buy fake CCTV cameras and alarms to pose as real ones. Of course, if you have a commercial property, you might have the (comparably better) real deal installed. Lots of homeowners install popular doorbell apps that allow you to see outside from your phone in case you hear a noise in the middle of the night.

In the unfortunate event of any type of burglary, our emergency locksmiths in Northampton are only a phone call and free quote away, ready to offer our expert services so you can sleep soundly knowing your locks have been replaced in a fast turnaround time.

Another security tip is to install motion sensor lights so that any unwelcome visitors are not creeping around in the dark.

Replace Outdated Locks

Sometimes your reason for needing a local locksmith in Northampton or another area is on a smaller scale. We can help you to penetrate through a difficult lock but prevention is better than the cure so we advise against applying brute force with your keys so as not to stiffen the lock.

We do have British Standard Lock Fittings available to replace old and outdated locks so don’t fear if you haven’t replaced your locks recently – but do think about it for the security of your building.

Contact Us

If you need a locksmith in Northampton or a surrounding area that is familiar with a specific type of lock and door, Gary is the local lock aficionado who can help. Just browse our website briefly for our credentials. For more general enquiries, please email



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