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  • Gary Brant

How We’re Working Safely in 2021

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing across the country and many are set to return to their jobs, we’re prised and ready to help those needing to gain access to businesses or buildings long untouched. After a year working from home, we suspect more than a few sets of keys may have been waylaid, which is why we’re on hand to help businesses and homeowners gain access, replace locks and fixed snapped keys in the Northamptonshire areas. Of course, we’re all returning to work with the ‘new normal’ to content with and whether this means more social distancing, greater handwashing facilities or reduced hours for you, we thought we’d explain how our locksmiths in Northampton are doing things differently.

We’re Outside

By nature, much of our job is done outside, so the possible transmission of the virus is minimised. If however, we need to be inside of the property to replace a lock or fix an internal door system, we’re abiding by the latest regulations at all times, wearing a mask, maintaining a safe distance and cleaning up after ourselves thoroughly.

We’re Wearing Masks

Regardless of whether or not the job is inside or outside, our locksmith in Northampton is wearing a mask to all premises. This means we can slow the spread of virus and protect ourselves, our families and our customers to the best of our ability.

We’re Testing Regularly

Now that we can all access lateral flow COVID tests from the government, we’re regularly testing to ensure that we are not carrying the virus. If our locksmith in Northampton returns a positive result, he will follow the rules and not visit any properties and will seek out another test at an official site. Any positive results will also result in an isolation period to prevent the spread to customers.



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