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  • Gary Brant

5 Ways to Secure Your Home

Property crime is becoming increasingly prevalent in the UK, meaning it’s important to do what you can to secure your home and deter any potential thieves. We’ve put together these six tips from our locksmiths in Northampton for making your home more secure.

Keep Your Keys Safe

Never stash a key to your property outside as this makes your property vulnerable to unwanted guests. Secondly, don’t keep all your keys in one place by the front or back door as this would allow a burglar to access your entire home!

Update Your Locks

Weak, old locks on outbuildings like sheds, garages, and even windows in your home are easy to break or pick. Ensure your locks are updated! Our locksmiths in Northampton offer free quotations and a fantastic service!

Keep Valuables from Prying Eyes

Close your blinds while you’re out if you have valuables in sight on the ground floor. Additionally, make sure you dispose of the packaging of new purchases discreetly by folding the boxes inside out.

Be Discreet About Going Away

Firstly, don’t post the dates you will be away on any public social media platforms. Secondly, do your best not to let excited children loudly announce you’re going away to the whole street as you load up the car.

Light Up & Look Out

Security lights triggered by movement and timed indoor lights are of great benefit to deter potential burglars. Also, you can buy fake alarms and even CCTV cameras equipped with LED lights to make your home look better protected.

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